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Continuous operation of fungal wheel reactor based on solid-state fermentation for the removal of pharmaceutical and personal care products

BR Kang, JJ Kim, JK Hong, D Schlosser, TK Lee
Journal of Environmental Management 331 (117316)


Phenotypic convergence of bacterial adaption to sub-lethal antibiotic treatment

GN Wee, ES Lyou, JK Hong, JH No, SB Kim, TK Lee
Frontiers in Cellular and Infection Microbiology 12 (913415)

Transcriptional response and plant growth promoting activity of Pseudomonas fluorescens DR397 under drought stress conditions

N Susmita Das, JH No, TK Lee
Microbiology Spectrum (e00979:22)

Bacterial resuscitation from starvation-induced dormancy results in phenotypic diversity coupled with translational activity depending on carbon substrate availability

SB Kim, ES Lyou, MS Kim, TK Lee
Microbial Ecology (s00248-022)

Commuters health risk associated with particular matter exposures in subway system - globally

D Roy, ES Lyou, J Kim, TK Lee, J Park
Building and Environment 216:109036

Shifts in benthic bacterial communities associated with farming stages and microbiological proxy for assessing sulfidic sediment conditions at fish farms

A Choi, TK Lee, H Cho, WC LEE, JH Hyun
Marine Pollution Bulletin 178:113603

Raman-Deuterium Isotope Probing and Metagenomics Reveal the Drought Tolerance of the Soil Microbiome and Its Promotion of Plant Growth

JH No, SD Nishu, JK Hong, ES Lyou, MS Kim, GN Wee TK Lee
mSystems 7 (1), e01249-21


Flow cytometric monitoring of the bacterial phenotypic diversity in aquatic ecosystems

JK Hong, SB Kim, SH Ahn, Y Choi, TK Lee
Journal of Microbiology 59, 879-885

Short term legacy effects of mercury contamination on plant growth and nifH-harboring microbial community in rice paddy soil

HR Hyun, H Yoon, ES Lyou, JJ Kim, SY Kwon, TK Lee
Microbial Ecology 82 (4), 932-941

Removal of pharmaceuticals and personal care products using native fungal enzymes extracted during the ligninolytic process

BR Kang, SY Kim, M Kang, TK Lee
Environmental Research 195 (2021), 110878

Raman spectroscopy reveals alteration of spore compositions under different nutritional conditions in Lysinibacillus boronitolerans YS11

Y Ryu, M Hong, SB Kim, TK Lee, W Park
Journal of Microbiology 59 (5), 491-499

Role of algal community stability in harmful algal blooms in river-connected lakes

MS Kim, KH Kim, SJ Hwang, TK Lee
Microbial Ecology 82, 309–318

Microbial phenomics linking the phenotype to function: The potential of Raman spectroscopy

JK Hong, SB Kim, ES Lyou, TK Lee
Journal of Microbiology 59(3), 249-258

Water quality drives the regional patterns of an algal metacommunity in interconnected lakes

MS Kim, SH Ahn, IJ Jeong, TK Lee
Scientific Reports (2021) 11:13601

A novel decoy strategy for polymyxin resistance in Acinetobacter baumannii

JE Park, MS Kim, BR Shin, MK Kang, JH Yang, TK Lee, WJ Park
eLife 2021;10:e66988


Cancer and non-cancer risk associated with PM10-bound metals in subways

D Roy, SH Ahn, TK Lee, YC Seo, JH Park
Transportation Research Part D-Transport and Environment 89 (2020), 102618

Complete genome sequence of Pseudomonas fluorescens DR397, a drought tolerant plant growth-promoting rhizobacterium

SD Nishu, HR Hyun, TK Lee
Korean Journal of Microbiology 56 (3), 331-333

Enhanced Deflocculation of Dehydrated Sludge by Rhamnolipid Treatment Coupled with Thermal Hydrolysis

GN Wee, I Han, TK Lee
Waste Management 110 (1), 66-73

The Effect of Engineered PLGA Nanoparticles on Nitrifying Bacteria in the Soil Environment

SD Nishu, S Park, YH Ji, I Han, J Key, TK Lee
Journal of Industrial and Engineering Chemistry 84 (25), 297-304

Orthophosphate enhances N2O production from aerobic hydroxylamine decomposition: implications to N2O emissions from nitrification in ornithogenic and manure-fertilized soils

MJ Song, H Yoon, TK Lee, M Kwon, S Yoon
Biology and Fertility of Soil 56, 687-695


The capacity of wastewater treatment plants drives bacterial community structure and its assembly

YK Kim, K Yoo, MS Kim, I Han, M Lee, BR Kang, TK Lee*, J Park (* corresponding author)
Scientific Reports 9 (1), 1-9

Bacillus-Dominant Airborne Bacterial Communities Identified During Asian Dust Events

K Yoo, I Han, KS Ko, TK Lee, H Yoo, MI Khan, JM Tiedje, J Park
Microbial Ecology 78 (3), 677-687

Complete genome sequence of drought tolerant plant growth-promoting rhizobacterium Glutamicibacter halophytocola DR408

SD Nishu, HR Hyun, TK Lee
The Microbiological Society of Korea 55 (3), 300-302

Accelerating the Biodegradation of High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE) Using Bjerkandera adusta TBB-03 and Lignocellulose Substrates

BR Kang, SB Kim, HA Song, TK Lee
Microorganisms 7 (9), 304

Characterization of a nifH-Harboring Bacterial Community in the Soil-Limited Gotjawal Forest

TK Lee, I Han, MS Kim, HJ Seong, JS Kim, WJ Sul
Frontiers in Microbiology 10, 1858

Unveiling of Concealed Processes for the Degradation of Pharmaceutical Compounds by Neopestalotiopsis sp.

BR Kang, MS Kim, TK Lee
Microorganisms 7 (8), 264

Nutritional status regulates algicidal activity of Aeromonas sp. L23 against cyanobacteria and green algae

SD Nishu, Y Kang, I Han, TY Jung, TK Lee
PloS One 14 (3)


Pollution level and reusability of the waste soil generated from demolition of a rural railway

I Han, GN Wee, JH No, TK Lee
Environmental Pollution 240, 867-874

A comparison study of the potential risks induced in arable land and forest soils by carcass-derived pollutants

I Han, K Yoo, BR Kang, JH No, GN Wee, MI Khan, TY Jeong, TK Lee
Environmental geochemistry and health 40 (1), 451-460


Metagenomic SMRT sequencing-based exploration of novel lignocellulose-degrading capability in wood detritus from Torreya nucifera in Bija Forest on Jeju Island

HN Oh, TK Lee, JW Park, JH No, D Kim, WJ Sul
Journal of microbiology and biotechnology 27 (9), 1670-1680

Short-term Effects of Great Cormorant Droppings on Water Quality and Microbial Community of an Artificial Agricultural Reservoir

I Han, K Yoo, GN Wee, JH No, J Park, SJ Min, SH Kim, TK Lee
Journal of Environmental Quality 2017 Mar;46(2):470-476.

Degradation of crude oil in a contaminated tidal flat area and the resilience of bacterial community

J Lee, I Han, BR Kang, SH Kim, WJ Sul, TK Lee
Marine Pollution Bulletin 114 (1), 296-301

Rapid bacterial identification using Raman spectroscopy

JH No, TK Lee
The Korean Journal of Microbiology 53 (2), 71-78

Molecular approaches for the detection and monitoring of microbial communities in bioaerosols: A review

K Yoo, TK Lee, EJ Choi, J Yang, SK Shukla, S Hwang, J Park
Journal of Environmental Sciences 51, 234-247

Giant viruses with an expanded complement of translation system components

Frederik Schulz, Natalya Yutin, Natalia N Ivanova, Davi R Ortega, TK Lee, Julia Vierheilig, Holger Daims, Matthias Horn, Michael Wagner, Grant J Jensen, Nikos C Kyrpides, Eugene V Koonin, Tanja Woyke
Science 356 (6333), 82-85


Effect of algal inoculation on COD and nitrogen removal, and indigenous bacterial dynamics in municipal wastewater

J Lee, J Lee, SK Shukla, J Park, TK Lee
Journal of Microbiology and Biotechnology 26 (5), 900-8

Development and characterization of PCE-to-ethene dechlorinating microcosms with contaminated river sediment

J Lee, TK Lee
Journal of Microbiology and Biotechnology 26 (1), 120-129

Effect of anions on the removal of bisphenol A in wastewater by electro-oxidation process

EY Jo, TK Lee, YH Kim &CG Park
Desalination and Water Treatment 57(60):1-9

A study on the removal of sulfate and nitrate from the wet scrubber wastewater using electrocoagulation

EY Jo, SM Park, IS Yeo, JD Cha, JY Lee, YH Kim, TK Lee &CG Park
Desalination and Water Treatment 57(17):1-8


The functional and taxonomic richness of wastewater treatment plant microbial communities are associated with each other and with ambient nitrogen and carbon availability

DR Johnson, TK Lee, J Park, K Fenner, DE Helbling
Environmental Microbiology 17 (12), 4851-4860

Metagenomic analysis of chicken gut microbiota for improving metabolism and health of chickens—a review

KY Choi, TK Lee*, WJ Sul (* first author)
Asian-Australasian Journal of Animal Sciences 28 (9), 1217

A framework for establishing predictive relationships between specific bacterial 16S rRNA sequence abundances and biotransformation rates

DE Helbling, DR Johnson, TK Lee, A Scheidegger, K Fenner
Water Research 70, 471-484

Association of biodiversity with the rates of micropollutant biotransformations among full-scale wastewater treatment plant communities

David R Johnson, Damian E Helbling, TK Lee, Joonhong Park, Kathrin Fenner, Hans-Peter E Kohler, Martin Ackermann
Appl. Environ. Microbiol. 81 (2), 666-675

Tracking heavy water (D2O) incorporation for identifying and sorting active microbial cells

David Berry, Esther Mader, TK Lee, Dagmar Woebken, Yun Wang, Di Zhu, Marton Palatinszky, Arno Schintlmeister, Markus C Schmid, Buck T Hanson, Naama Shterzer, Itzhak Mizrahi, Isabella Rauch, Thomas Decker, Thomas Bocklitz, Jürgen Popp, Christopher M Gibson, Patrick W Fowler, Wei E Huang, Michael Wagner
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 112 (2), E194-E203